Monday, May 27, 2013

I've been AWOL on the blogging scene for a while since taking up a role on the local Esperance Shire Council. They said it would be a challenge, and by God it is. Not only have I had to address items on which I know very little (and so have to learn about very fast)......but quite often when there is an objection to an item on the Council agenda I personally know both the proponent and the objector! Hmmm....

One of the wonderful Shire staff ( hey, Liv!) has been helping me organise my social media bits and pieces, so this is a test blog of sorts to see if we can link it all in with Facebook and Twitter and any other tool in order to keep the 'flutterings' of 'A Bird in the Bush' heard about the planet.

In the meantime......back to tomorrow's Council agenda. NBN fixed wireless monopole tower locations in the Esperance area. Pithy to say the least!