Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Royal Wedding Invitation

Still not received your Royal Wedding Invitation? Not to worry. Here's some advice. Fabricate your own and celebrate the event in royal style.

Here's mine, from Queen Victoria II, commanding my husband HRH Prince Thomas, Duke of Mount Ney to invite our scaley mates to the wedding at Hill Plains Palace.

For one night only, April 29th 2011, why not elevate the status of your friends to Kings, Queens, Emperors and Empresses, Dukes and Duchesses and Counts and Countesses. I can assure you they will rise to the occasion. Delusions of grandeur are pouring out in the incoming RSVPs, complete with family crests (which some of them have quite obviously nicked from some bona fide royal). Envelopes, sealed with candle wax are droppng into the Hill Plains Palace mail box with comments about how they are all looking forward to parading the family jewels.

Prepare yourselves a banquet table groaning with all your best silver, crystal glassware and candelabra; grab a couple of good servanty types (might I suggest the children....they will charge however......so hard to get good staff these days); create a menu fit for a king, pour forth the fruit of the vine and get the flat screen sorted.

Great thing about living Down Under is that we'll be partying all night. More on the guest list tomorrow.

Gin o'clock, darlings. Must fly.....

Queen Victoria II (Pretentious?.....Moi?)

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