Saturday, June 4, 2011

Message from her Majesty

What a tardy old QVII I've been. Not a peep or a tweep of a blog for two months! Here I am, at left, with HRH Prince Thomas at the Royal Wedding banquet at Hill Plains for Wills and Kate. What a night!
I'm dressed from head to toe in red velvet darlings, and looking very regal.
The toaster was a wedding gift from the Emporer and Empress Bivonius of Beamont. Such a thoughtful pair, even though it doesn't work. I have had the servants take it up to the tip to dispose of it. The King and Queen Consort of Prussia brought Geraldine Brooks' latest novel 'Caleb's Crossing' which I have just devoured. (Not through the toaster, I was speaking metaphorically good people.)
Well, time and tide wait for no Queen or King for that matter do they Canute? So I must away to oversee the crop being put into the fields and check on the yeomen.
"Don't stop one now, One's having such a good time, One's having a ball....."


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