Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chocolate Cleavage

Things NOT TO DO when attending a meeting at the local Shire, on a very hot day, with all the region's movers and shakers.

1. Dress in gorgeous Alana Hill rose and cream dress which exposes inviting cleavage. The look might be corporate with a twist. The message is 'hello boys'. The air con might be cranking, but the cleavage will be glowing.

2. Hold a cup of coffee in one hand and a chocolate covered biscuit in the other whilst talking to male CEO of Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the coffee break.

3. Bite into aforementioned biscuit so that one piece ends up in mouth, one piece remains in fingers, and third piece falls, chocolate side down, onto cleavage. Note: No free hand to remove offending refreshment.

4. Stand horrified as conversation grinds to a halt and all eyes fall upon cleavage.

5. Attempt to bend down and lick piece off yourself.

6. Ask CEO if he would mind lifting it off, but perhaps not a good idea if he looks as if he'd prefer to have a go at licking it off himself.


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